Lois.E the Photographer | The Nutcracker 2017 by JCBS

Dear dancers and dance moms/patrons/volunteers of The Nutcracker 2017 by JCBS,


 Congratulations and well done for your awesome performance! After all the sweats and time you put in, now is the time to sit back and relax and enjoy the moments captured in frames! I am Lois E. Liew, the photographer who captured your performance on Nov 24th (7.30pm) and Nov 25th (2.30pm) and I enjoyed every moment of it! What can I say, you guys and gals delivered a marvellous show. 

Here are the links to the galleries: 

Nov 24th 7.30pm

Nov 25th 2.30pm 

If you love them, and would like to have them and keep the memories and moments of your great achievement you can order online or contact me. 

The following products are available, according to your needs and budget :

1. Small prints 4"x6" and 5"x7" - keep them in an album or frame them for a lasting memory

2. High resolution digital downloads - share them online, or use them anyway you like (eg prints)

3. Ready to hang prints plus digital negative (a) 8"x10" and 11"x14" premium quality canvas prints (b) 8"x10" flush mount prints - proudly display them as wall decor and use the digital negative for online sharing or make other prints

4. 11"x14" collage poster up to 4 images plus digital negatives - proudly display the selected images of your moments as wall decor and use the didgital negative for online sharing or to make other prints

Images displayed in the galleries are unedited. Images you ordered will be edited for the best quality (as shown below). You can also indicate in your order to specify your request eg cropping & zooming into a specific person etc. 


Before editing:

IMG_5128beforeBefore editingBefore editing

After editing:


How to order

1. Click on the image that you would like to order and select the type of product, and add to cart

2. To view description of each products you can click on "Visit Shop" button

3. Once you placed order, I will edit your orders and will email you instruction/link/the images for digital downloads/negatives. Prints will be shipped to you once ready, and you will be notified

4. Discount will be given for orders $100-150 (10%); $151-200 (15%) and >$200 (20%), just key in the following coupon codes upon check out:

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