Photo Days (TDC) 2020

Dear Parents:

Thank you for visiting this website. I am so happy to be able to capture portraits of your amazing dancer(s) again this year! We offer attractive packages and wide variety of products including personalised prints to make it just for you! The online ordering system has also been improved to make it more user friendly and easy to use. 

To go to the gallery CLICK HERE. Use the password provided in the flyers to log in. All photos will be up and ready for viewing and purchase within 3 weeks from the photo session day.

Ordering Guide and Info

General Information

1. It is recommended that you mark the images that you are interested in as favourites (click on the star button on the bottom of image). This will save you the hassle of having to browse through different albums and hundreds of images when you place order.

2.To ensure smooth flowing and timely execution of the photo-week sessions, ideally we will have each dancer from primary program will have 2 individual poses captured. A group pose and one individual pose per dancer will be captured. 

3. Basically, there are two categories/tabs of products in the shopping cart menu - "Packages" and "Items" (right side of your screen when you click BUY PHOTO)

Here are what you can order under these tab:


Digital Bundle

Package 1 - 4

Composite C




Personalised prints

Composite A & B

Magazine Cover


Payment can be done with credit card or Paypal. Even if you do not have Paypal account, proceed with "Check Out with Paypal" anyway. It will direct you to a page where you can log in to Paypal for payment OR key in your credit info and billing info for payment with credit card.

Watch this video for general information and structure of the shopping cart.

Watch this video for general information of the gallery and shopping cart

Ordering Composite A or B

1. Using the individual pose of your choice, click to order photo and choose Composite A or B and its size. By default, I will include the other corresponding image (group for Non-Competitive and Competitive programs for Composite B), and the second individual image of your child for Composite A (Primary program).

If you wish to include image other than that, please leave a note at check out and mention the image ID number (eg IMG xxxx). 

The same procedure applies to ordering Composite A or B in packages.

2. Remember to indicate the name of dancer at check out (click on the "+ Add Note to Studio" link )

Watch this video on how to order Composite A or B.

NOTE: Use only ONE image to add into the cart as Composite A/B. Indicate the other image (Image ID eg IMGxxxx) by leaving a note at check out.

Watch this video on how to order Composite A or B

Ordering Composite C

1. Using one of the individual poses of your choice, click to order photo and choose Composite C (with the number. of poses you would like to include) under the "Packages" tab. Add all the images you would like to include to complete your package. 

2. If you wish to have some group images to be included in the composite, please contact me first before you place order. I will let you know if the combination of images would be possible or look good in the composite.

3. Digital negatives (corresponding full resolution digital files) for individual poses in Composite C are available at $7 each. Contact me if you would like to order them.

4. Indicate the full name of dancer at check out

Watch this video on how to order Composite C. Choose from the tab PACKAGE (Composite C) with respective number of poses.

Watch this video on how to order Composite C

Ordering Package

Watch the video below on how to order

Watch this video on how to order packages

How to order packages

Ordering Magazine Cover

You can find Magazine cover under the ITEM tab (far right of the menu). Read the product description and write your captions by clicking on the "+ Add note to Studio" link at check out.