How to place an order (General Guides):

  1. To avoid having to scroll through hundreds of photos, it is recommended that you mark your images as favourites (the star button). You can come back later to review on your "FAVOURITES" folder (top menu).
  2. Click on BUY PHOTO (top right menu on FAVOURITE folder) or the cart icon on photo.
  3. There are 2 tab options when you did - ITEM tab for individual products (digital, prints, Composite and Personalised Print) and PACKAGES tab for packages (digital bundle and Packages 1-4)
  4. Click on the item/package of your choice and start to add the images accordingly.
  5. For Composites:
  6. Composite A (Amazing Duo): Add into the cart the individual photo as Composite A and remember to indicate the name of student and the other image that you would like to include at checkout.
  7. Composite B (My Team and I): Add into the cart the solo pose that you would like to include as Composite B. Remember to indicate dancer's name at checkout. The group will be included by default (if there are more than 1 group poses per class, you can indicate which pose you would like to be included)
  8. Amazing Dancer: Choose which package you'd like based on the number of poses. Add all the poses into cart as digital, and indicate dancer's name at Checkout. Remember to look out for an email with link to download the digitals
  9. Click on CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL and you will be redirected to PayPal site. Choose Pay by Debit or Credit Card if you do not have PayPal account
  10. Remember to check for email with link to download if you ordered digitals, and download the files. Please contact me if you did not receive any email after you placed order.