You did it! After many years of hard work and waiting this monumental moment in your life is finally here! You are finally graduating!  So what is the big deal? I am sure you knew this already but let me point it out for you. It IS a BIG DEAL because:

  • it marks a lot of milestones for you
  • it is probably the last year you are at home with your parents
  • it is probably the last year for you to be with friends that you grew up with
  • it is the year you become a legal adult

For a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves to be celebrated and remembered, do you really want your high school senior graduation portraits to look the same as everyone else? I know, you get a cap and gown photo at school and maybe a few other images, but how. about you in your prom gown? Won't you want images that portray your uniqueness and individuality to commemorate your milestone? Why settle for the boring school photographer, or bad cell phone selfies on grad day, when you could have an amazing portrait experience and let your unique personality and beauty shine!!

You have SO MANY OPTIONS for a grad session. For some reason, we have gotten stuck with the idea that grad photos need to be done on the actual day of graduation, but they don't. Here's a few ideas!

Lifestyle Casual Session: Some grads like to come in during the fall of their Grade 12 year and do a casual session. This way you will have beautiful portraits to use all year for various purposes such as social media, graduation announcements, invitations, programs, or even in slide shows. This type of grad session typically takes place outdoors and can be done any time of year, such as late summer just before Grade 12 starts, during the fall of your Grade 12 year when the fall leaves are in colour, or even in the winter, outside in the snow.

Super Model Studio Session:

Prom Gown Session: Most grads have a cap & gown photo done at school along with a couple casual portraits. That's great, but will you have any beautiful portraits in your prom gown? For most girls, other than their wedding gown, this is one of the most special dresses that they will ever own in their life. You spend hours and hours planning and shopping for their gown and their accessories, yet sadly most girls are lucky to get a few cell phone selfies in their gown on grad day. Graduation day is usually VERY hectic and it's often very difficult to set aside some time to capture some great photos. I've heard this from SO MANY people!! 

So here is a fabulous idea! Schedule a hair and makeup test about a month or two before your graduation day, and book a prom gown portrait session for the same day. That way we can take as much time as we need to create some beautiful portraits of you in your gown! This will also give you the opportunity to have your portraits ready to use before grad. You can use them on your announcements or invitations, and even have an album or wall portrait to display at your graduation party.  

You can also book a prom gown session AFTER your graduation. July and August (or even September or October for gorgeous leave colours) is a perfect month for outdoor portraits in Alberta since the weather is nice and all the flowers are in bloom. Again, we can take as much time as we need to create beautiful portraits. And it's fun to get all dressed up in your gown again too!! Many of my clients have taken this option.

Combination Session: Why not start out with portraits in your gorgeous prom gown and then do some casual portraits as well? This type of session can take place in-studio or on-location and really gives you a wide variety of images to choose from. Some grads like to do elegant, glamorous prom gown portraits, and then something fun and casual in jeans or a sun dress, or fashion styled images, or something creative and ethereal. The choice is yours! 

A Session with Friends and Family: After graduation, most of you will be stepping into different paths in your journey of life. You may not not be able to see friends who grew up together with you as much as you want anymore. Same thing goes to your parents and family. This is a great time to have these wonderful people in your portraits - not just selfies or cell phone snapshots. You can invite your friends, family (including pets) for any of your grad sessions.


It's really important to me to create art that you will enjoy for years to come. My basic collection starts $650 that includes a pre-session consultation (via Zoom), one 2-hours session, one location of your choice, prints and products that come with their corresponding digital negatives. Add another session for $175.