• $40 per participant for each session and you will get 4 edited full resolution digital images from the session for your keepsake, and 1 headshot for their portfolio. Additional images are also available for purchase at $25 each.
  • Parents will need to sign model release. Dance studio can use the images for their social media, and website with photo credit mention.

Safety precautions for Covid-19 shall be followed during the sessions. Dancers will pose individually. Not one prop will be used by more than one dancer.

Theme A: Beautiful Ballerina (2 sessions)

In-studio session (January/February 2021)

Portraying the beauty and grace of ballet, this session will be done in a studio with natural light and minimalistic settings.

I am looking for 2-3 advanced dancers with point shoes and beautiful costumes. 1 hour session per team.

Theme B: Flow and Movement (1 session)

In-studio (Date: TBD)

In this session we will be experimenting with light and flowy costumes/material to create images that highlight the movements of the dancers.

I am looking for 2-3 advanced dancers with beautiful flowy dresses and pointe shoes. This will be a 2 hours session.

Photo for inspiration and does not belong to Lois E the Photographer. Photo credit: Richard Calme

Theme C: Contortion and Emotion (1 session)

In-studio (Date: TBD)

Experimenting with light to bring out curves, body lines and emotions, I am looking for dancers with great flexibility (acro dancers are most welcomed) and able to bring out different facial expression. We will also be using props such as frame, box etc. No age limit. 2-3 dancers, 2 hours session.

Theme D: Musical Theatre - Recreation

(1 session)

In-studio (August/September 2021)

We recreate parts of your musical theatre routine with a bit of exaggeration. Dancers will pose and do some actions and I will photoshop them. This requires extensive planning but I promise it will be so much fun!

2-3 hours session, 3-5 dancers

Photo for inspiration and doesn't belong to Lois E the Photographer. Photo credit: John Wilhelm