Hi, I am Lois Liew

I am Lois, your Edmonton-based professional photographer.

For me, photography is a lot more than just a job; it’s something I love and it keeps me alive and active! Something that gives me a chance to bring smiles on others’ faces! I work hard to provide my customers with the very best candid and photojournalistic images. These images seize special memories, telling the stories while capturing your true authenticity and essence.

My sessions are fun and stress-free. I really enjoy running these and it’s great to interact with my customers. The perfectionist in me will be making sure that the images delivered to you will be of the highest quality and retouched diligently and with love.

I truly understand the importance of capturing and keeping photographs. Having lost my mom and there were very few photographs of her to keep as a memory and this itself was heartbreaking, I truly understand how important is photos in our lives. I decided to make it my mission to ensure that my customers have long-lasting memories of the ones they hold closest. This is my gift to you!

When I’m not busy working my camera magic, I will probably be cuddling my dog and watching cute dog videos with her. She really is a big fan. Other than that, I love to be exploring and adventuring the world, a love that eventually resulted in my arrival to Canada in 2015

Photo credit: Christina Cajipe