Lois.E the Photographer | About

When I first bought my first camera in 2005, and captured a group of kindergarten kids coming out from a train in Japan, I realized that how much we miss the little things in life, things that we took for granted in life. Since that moment, I never stop telling stories through my lens and my passion for photography continues. 


My style is always candid and photojournalistic. A session with me will never be a stressful one, instead it will be a fun and memorable moments that you can take home and treasure for life. I have sharp and keen eyes for "the moment", capturing the defining emotions and moments that tells the story. 


A bit of myself:

  • Born and grew up in a small city in Borneo Island - a place rich in biodiversity and culture. Sarawak, a town in Ontario is named after the place that I came from. 
  • I came to Canada in 2015, 20 hours flight with my 2 year old Rottweiler - to be with my other half, and yes, i am a dogaholic!
  • I started my business in 2016, thanks to many kind people who supported me
  • I get bored easily - I constantly look to do things differently, continuous improvement, new projects etc
  • I'll go the extra miles for get "the shot" - stay extra time, roll down, climb up, go anywhere
  • I'll feel really bad when I fail to keep my words - thus, when I promise you something, I'll do whatever it takes to deliver
  • I feel very happy and rewarded when I see my works on your profile pictures, your walls, your website


If you think I am the person you would like to work with, let's keep in touch!